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Custom Molded Cow Milker Liner for the Agriculture Industry

Cow Milker Liner Core and Cavity Mold
Cow Milker Liner Core and Cavity Mold
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Customers in many industries count on the expertise of Diamond Tool & Mold to fabricate custom molds that meet the exacting quality demands of their production operations. We produced this core and cavity mold for a customer in the agriculture industry. It features a 7-part design to optimize production of plastic liners used in cow milking equipment.

Materials of construction included 4140 pre-hardened steel for the sprue cap, Nak-55 for the core, and 440 hard stainless for the remaining 5 components. Working from customer-supplied drawings, we utilized our computerized CNC turning and milling equipment, as well as our precision wire EDM machine, to form the intricate geometries of each component. Secondary operations consisted of heat treating to impart the required hardness, grinding the surface to a high quality and dimensionally accurate finish, etching to apply the markings, and fitting the core.

We shipped 20 of these multi-component, single cavity molds, which featured overall dimensions of 3" in diameter and 12.5" height, to the customer within a 10-12 week time frame. Our skilled, precision craftsmanship enabled us to provide them with high quality tooling that would benefit their process efficiency and deliver a long service life. For more information about this project, or how our precision-fabricated mold can improve your manufacturing operations, contact us today. So its completely customed.

Custom Molding Project Highlights

Product Name
Cow Milker Liner
Product Description
This is a core and cavity mold for the agriculture industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
2-D & 3-D CAD Drawings
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Heat Treat
Finish Grind
Fit Core
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, EDM
Overall Mold Dimensions
3" Dia x 121/2" High - 7 Components/Single Cavity Mold
Material Used
7 Components
1: Sprue Cap - 4140 Pre Hard
2: Claw - 440 Hard Stainless Rc 54/58
3: Small Mile Tube - 440 Hard Stainless Rc 54/58
4: Barrel Cavity - 440 Hard Stainless Rc 54/58
5: Letter Ring - 440 Hard Stainless Rc 54/58
6: Core Holder - 440 Hard Stainless Rc 54/58
7: Core - Nak-55
Material Finish
Surface Polished
Industry for Use
20 Single Cavity Molds
Delivery/Turnaround Time
10 - 12 weeks
Delivery Location
Kansas City, Missouri
Standards Met
Customer supplied print
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