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Mold Design of a Metal to Rubber Molded Seal for the Automotive Industry

Our more than 30 years experience meeting the highly specific needs of the automotive industry made Diamond Tool & Mold the perfect choice for the design and fabrication of this mold for a rubber-to-metal bonding application. We designed the 24" x 24", 22-cavity mold with a precise balance between the cavities to eliminate trapped gases that could weaken the bond and cause part failure. The optimized runner sizes ensure the proper flow of rubber through the mold so that components are produced exactly to specification.

This project involved various materials of construction, including wear resistant S7 steel for the slides, hardened 440 steel for the core, and pre-hardened, dimensionally stable 4130 for the mold plates. Using these materials ensures that the mold will operate reliably over millions of production cycles. Operations consisted of multiple machining techniques executed on our precision CNC milling and grinding equipment, as well as fine finishing on our wire EDM equipment. Sample parts produced on our in-house machines ensured the dimensional integrity of this complex mold.

We designed and built this mold within the 8 week turnaround the customer requested. Its precision fabrication enables the customer to achieve tight, automotive industry tolerances on their component parts. The mold geometry enables the formation of a 100% reliable rubber-to-metal seal for an industry where part failure is not an option. For more information about how our expert mold fabrication capabilities can benefit your next application, contact us today.

Mold Design Project Highlights

Product Name
Rubber Molded Seal
Product Description
This is a metal to rubber molded seal used within the automotive industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Mold Design
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Grind, EDM
Overall Part Dimensions
24" x 24"
Material Used
Slides: S7/
Core: 440 SS Rc5458
Mold Plates 4130 pre hard
Material Finish
Slides: EDM/Core: Standard mold finish/holding
Plates: STD
In process testing/inspection performed
Mold Sampling
Industry for Use
1-22 cavity mold
Delivery/Turnaround Time
8 weeks
Delivery Location
Woodridge, Illinois
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
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